5 Brilliant Company Marketing Videos and Why They Worked

viral marketing video

A little over a year ago I wrote about some excellent linkbait examples and why they worked. Linkbait can be pretty much anything online that’s shareworthy. However, that phrase has disappeared as of late and been replaced with ‘content marketing’. Now, instead of creating something awesome (linkbait) and then retreating back to keyword focused blog [...]

Chasing Authors to Find Guest Post Opportunities

finding guest post opportunities

There are plenty of blog posts online, both good and bad, that cover the topic on finding guest post opportunities. Guest posting isn’t a new thing.  The link building tactic of writing a relevant piece of content for another blog in exchange for a couple author bio links has been a popular choice ever seen Google [...]

Content Marketing: No Need to Recreate the Wheel

content marketing genius

In the last year or so, the term “content marketing” has become common vocabulary for most people in the SEO world. Content marketing isn’t anything new or exciting.  Essentially, content marketing is the practice of creating a piece of informational or creative content in order to draw the interest of potential customers. The results of [...]

How a Terrible Marketing Decision was Saved by User Generated Content


There are a few topics marketers shouldn’t touch in my opinion when it comes to advertising their product: religion, gender and politics. The reasons why aren’t all that hard to recognize By targeting a such specific group, you are limiting the potential reach of your product (especially when the product isn’t tailored to a specific niche customer base) These are sensitive [...]

Threadless & Other Awesome Examples of Amazing Online Communities

best online community EVER

On Friday I attended Internet Prophets Live 2013, a supposed internet marketing workshop in downtown Chicago. While the first six hours were absolutely gruesome, full of expensive sales pitches, terrible jokes and a ‘free’ lunch that came paired with a life seminar, I finally got the chance to see the person I really came down [...]

How to Build a Successful Content Marketing Team: The Moneyball Approach


Moneyball is an excellent movie based on the Oakland Athletics magically season in 2002. However, the reason the movie was so appealing to most wasn’t Brad Pitt’s dashing good looks, but the unconventional approach his character, Oakland’s General Manager Billy Beane, took to building a team. The Oakland A’s were a small market team, and [...]

TL;DR Guide to SEO

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I love that the SEO community is so willing to share their trade secrets to educate the rest of us. Without such a strong community I wouldn’t be in the position I am today and I’m thankful for that. Typically, a great post takes 1000 words or so for two or three takeaways. This, however, [...]