A Running List of the Top Documentaries of All Time

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I have always been intrigued with documentaries.  Even though they dont have the multimillion dollar budget of a summer blockbuster, the big ticket actors/actresses or award-winning directors, they can be so much more fulfilling.  Documentaries are the stories you typically dont hear about on the news.  They are a small slice of life told by the people that are closest.  Documentaries can range from a pressing world issue to something as simple as the love for a board game.  Its amazing how often these films can can your perception on a subject or peak your interest after watching, no matter how informed you were before.  This is a running list of the best documentaries I’ve seen.

1.) Dear Zachary – An amazingly touching story about Andrew Bagby, an aspiring doctor who’s unfortunate murder left his son in the wrong hands.  The lives that Andrew touched was amazing and the story in even more unbelievable.

2.) Paradise Lost 1-3 – This trilogy follows the story of the West Memphis 3, a group of teens who were accused of murdering three young boys.  The film following the trail, their appeal and final release.

3.) Hoop Dreams – This film follows the lives of two African-American teens in Chicago throughout their high school career as they try and reach their dreams in becoming professional basketball players.

4.) The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters – Nerd or not, The King of Kong is a great story of Steve Wiebe as he tries to break the world record in the classic arcade game Donkey Kong.  Steve is just a normal guy with a strong love for his favorite video game, while Billy Mitchell (the current world champion who also holds several other records in classic gaming) will do anything to keep his record.

5.) The Devil and Daniel Johnston – This film tells the story of Daniel Johnston, one of the greatest songwriters you’ve never heard of.  A creative childhood, quick rise to fame and unimaginable collapse.

6.) The Staircase – A perfect documentary series covering the murder trail of Kathlenn Peterson.  On trail, author and husband Michael Peterson who claims his wife was not pushed, but slipped on their narrow staircase after a few glasses of wine

7.) Every Fucking Day of My Life – An unbelievably shocking movie about the years of abuse one man handed out to his family which lead to his eventual death by his own wife and son.

8.) Exit Through the Gift Shop – A great behind the scenes look at the underground world of graffiti by the greatest graffiti artist of them all, Banksy.  The film focuses on Thierry Guetta aka Mr. Brainwash and his early obsession filming their masked artists who later turns into an artist of his own.

9.) Capturing the Friedmans – Before Jerry Sandusky there were the Friedmans.  This film focuses on the 1980s investigation of Arnold and Jesse Friedman for child molestation and the family struggles that ensued.

10.) Restrepo – A first hand look at the war in Afghanistan.  The film follows one platoon in the deadily valley of the war zone. For those of us who have been experienced what its like or think that Saving Private Ryan is the closest thing you’ll see to what war is really about must watch this.


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