5 Brilliant Company Marketing Videos and Why They Worked

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A little over a year ago I wrote about some excellent linkbait examples and why they worked. Linkbait can be pretty much anything online that’s shareworthy. However, that phrase has disappeared as of late and been replaced with ‘content marketing’.

Now, instead of creating something awesome (linkbait) and then retreating back to keyword focused blog posts and other grey/black hat tactics, content marketing requires you consistently put out cool shit in order to build/grow your audience, get links and gain more traffic. Content marketing is more than just blogging, but imagery, graphics, videos, podcasts, social media, etc.  In this post, I’d like to dedicate to just one aspect of that, videos.

Creating a success marketing video for your business isn’t easy, in fact most of them are absolutely horrible, but it can be done…in any niche. It may take some creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, but there is value in video for every business.

The examples below may not be the sexiest or exciting products, but the videos they’ve produced are.

1. Dollar Shave Club

This marketing video from Dollar Shave Club has been an enormous success and changed the way many businesses do video…hitting people hard, right in the funny bone. Although its more than just a funny video.  The video was great marketing because it appeals directly to their target audience. 

Dollar Shave Club is an online business geared to young males looking to save a few bucks and a trip to Walgreens.  Creating a video that draws them in and makes them laugh while being short enough to keep their attention was what made this video a viral success and helped their business grow.

Getty Images

This ad for Getty Images is 873 pictures from their collection of stock images and made into an unbelievable flipbook. This marketing video proves you can truly tell a story with pictures and not in that overused Buzzfeed style template. With more than 2 million views, why did this video go viral?

“From Love to Bingo” breaks a bad myth that all stock images are boring, overused pictures that can’t relate with our content. The video hits on several emotions that make videos spread like awe, excitement and amusement while showing people the potential their images if used correctly in an incredibly creative way.

Google Analytics

Google is to the online world what Kayne West thinks he is to the rap game.  The most popular site on the Internet and the owner of YouTube, its no surprise that Google knows the value of video. Their video series “Google Analytics in Real Life” has over 1.5 million views for a product that many who don’t run a website have any idea about.

How have they take a very tech-savvy product and turn it into a successful video marketing campaign? By presenting their product in a different way.  Using something everyone does on a weekly basis, like grocery shopping, and recreating some of the problems some feel shopping on the Internet.  With a dash of humor, these videos show how Google Analytics can be the cure to a better experience on your site, with happier customers and more sales.


PooPourri is a clever play on words for a fragrance spray. It a good start for a product that’s been around forever. However, its punny name isn’t what’s allowed them to sell over 4 million bottles.  This brilliant video has the same look and feel as the one from Dollar Shave Club, but yet again they put a clever spin on an old product by playing off the ‘girls don’t stink’ stereotype every woman likes to pretend to live by.

Poop jokes are definitely a way to get a cheap laugh, but I doubt you’ve ever heard them told by a proper English woman, especially in the same vulgar manor.  The product may not be revolutionary, but the way they have presented their product is something that everyone can have a laugh about and stand behind (from a safe distance).

The Guardian

The Guardian is an online news outlet like the New York Times or Huffington Post. They typically rely on their talented journalists, timely stories and Google to bring in traffic. Yet, the award-winning marketing video for the The Guardian went viral due to their creative take on an old fairy tale.

Their spin on “The Three Little Pigs” takes you through the whole online experience of their site.  From the news story, to video, to the opinions of others, The Guardian’s newsworthy take on even the oldest story had the whole world talking once again.

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