Chasing Authors to Find Guest Post Opportunities

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finding guest post opportunities

finding guest post opportunities

There are plenty of blog posts online, both good and bad, that cover the topic on finding guest post opportunities.

Guest posting isn’t a new thing.  The link building tactic of writing a relevant piece of content for another blog in exchange for a couple author bio links has been a popular choice ever seen Google announced their Panda/Penguin algorithms.

Guest posting also isn’t dead. At some point, I do think the lazy link builder may get caught because Google is smarter than us. However, if you use common sense and do an eye test on a site, it becomes obvious which sites are most likely to get penalized in the future.  You also run the risk of hurting your site sooner than later if you write crappy content or post on irrelevant sites, but that’s on you, it doesn’t mean that guest posting is a bad link building tactic.

And finding guest post opportunities isn’t hard either.  Simply typing these phrases into Google will help you find countless sites that accept guest posts:

  • “write for us”
  • “guest post”
  • “submit a guest post”
  • “guest post guidelines”
  • “become a contributor”

You can find more relevant opportunities by adding specific niche keywords to those phrases.  This is the most basic way.  Yet, if you’re looking for ways to find better, relevant opportunities on more high authority sites, its important to do your homework and look further than the some of the more basic search phrases.

Competitive Analysis for Authors

finding guest post competitors

Conducting a competitive analysis of some of your top competitors should be a staple of any link building campaign.  While you’ll learn more than just where your competitors have guest posted in the past, its a great jumping off point.

These are sites that are more likely to accept a post from you because others have (hopefully) written on a similar topic. But you can also find the author(s) for your competitors to find out other places they have written.

Matthew Barby wrote a terrific post on how to follow a guest poster’s paper trail here.

Influential Authors

finding influential people for guest posting

Influential members of your online community are a great place to find guest posting opportunities.

For example, in the online marketing niche, people like Kristi Hines, Ann Smarty, Brian Clark and Leo Widrich are terrific guest bloggers and also love to reciprocate on their own blogs.

Finding influential members in your niche can be one of the best ways to find very relevant guest post opportunities and also build your reputation as an expert.

A site like Followerwonk is easy and extremely effective when it comes to finding the top leaders in your niche.  And Topsy is a great site to monitor if you are looking to find who talking about what in your community.

Guest Post Authors from the Same Site

finding guest posts

This is extremely simple and I’ve found this tactic to be especially effective when searching for guest post opportunities.

Search through the other guest posts already published on a site that you’ve either previously guest posted on or have targeted as a good guest post destination.  Here you will find the sites of other authors that (again, hopefully) found the site to be relevant for their business.

This means your sites should share mutual characteristics in common and they know the importance of guest posting. Contacting the author or webmaster with a simple outreach message could be an easy win for another guest post opportunity.


It’s time to evolve passed the simple search queries to find the best guest post opportunities. Finding relevant, influential authors and blogs can lead you to more opportunities with a better, more defined reach for your site.

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