Content Marketing: No Need to Recreate the Wheel

inventing the wheel

In the last year or so, the term “content marketing” has become common vocabulary for most people in the SEO world.

Content marketing isn’t anything new or exciting.  Essentially, content marketing is the practice of creating a piece of informational or creative content in order to draw the interest of potential customers.

The results of a successful content marketing campaign can be an influx of traffic, sales, links and/or social shares.

But in reality, content marketing is just the reason we turn to the Internet. People don’t go on the net to use directories or read spun articles.  They use it to see funny memes and pictures of cats…errr, I mean to be informed and entertained.

However, content marketing takes work (and sometimes money).  That’s why some veered away from it.  It used to be faster and easier to just get a bunch of links from article directories, forum profiles and comment posts than the time it would take to create a piece of content, without a guarantee it would even be a success.

But today content marketing is all the rave.  Its a way to bring in customers and increase your visibility without the risk of being penalized by Google.

It’s hard though.  You have to get creative.  You don’t want to waste your time creating one piece of content and not see any real gains from it. So for the sake of time and your sanity, here are some ways to ensure your content marketing campaign is a success.

Don’t Recreate the Wheel

It’s 2013.  Its almost impossible to find something that NO ONE has done before.  While Google insists you need high quality original content, this doesn’t mean it has to be completely original.  They just don’t want you copying and pasting something on to your site and calling it your own. That would be stealing.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take someone’s idea or content and improve on it.  Its done all the time.  Think Mark Zuckerberg.  Facebook was an improvement on the Winklevoss twins idea…or basically an improvement to MySpace.

Finding a great piece of content and improving on it can do a few things for you.

  1. It can help you judge how much interest people have on that topic
  2. It gives you an established audience

content marketing genius

Take for example something that was recently produced by 97th Floor. They used Jon Negroni’s blog post to create something interactive.  While Jon’s content definitely got the attention of quite a few (260k Faceook Likes, 14.7k Tweets), it didnt have that WOW factor Darrell is always talking about on Storage Wars.

Thats why they created The Pixar Theory.  A beautiful and interactive website based on Jon’s original blog post.  The site as a whole is nothing new, but the imagery, interactivity and presentation are above and beyond anything else of its kind on the subject.

But how did it do?  Check out this tweet by Colby Almond.

The site received 254,000 visits in the first 24 hours alone.  Its too soon to tell how many major online publications will pick it up or how many links they will receive from this, but I’m sure they have already gotten a phone call or two because of this.

Repurpose Your Content

Like I’ve said before, content marketing takes time and money so you want to make sure that you get everything out of it that you can.  A simple blog post or infographic is good and all, but what if you created a blog post, infographic, powerpoint presentation, podcast, video and ebook.

Using the same concept and information to create multiple pieces of content actually saves on time and money.  So instead of brainstorming and researching on different topics time and time again, repurposing your existing content allows you to use the same information in different ways to reach a broader audience.

A few months back, I found this infographic by Namify. (sidenote: content marketing can override some technical SEO mistakes as well. Check out that URL).  I thought it was pretty clever.  It got my attention.  But it didnt see get much exposure overall (38 Facebook Likes, 44 Tweets).  However, they reused their content to make a SlideShare presentation.

This SlideShare has been seen almost 19,000 times and received over three times the social shares (180 Facebook Likes, 107 Tweets).
Content marketing can result in big wins, lots of exposure and real leads, which is much better that a bunch of PR3 blogs that no one reads.  Now thats real company shit.

An Extra Piece of Goodness

Jeremy Rivera is a big advocate of repurposing content and a big thanks to him for sharing this terrific infographic

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