What Happens When You Try and Explain to a Friend You Work in SEO

Friend: “So What do you do for a living?”

Me: “I work in SEO”


Confused Friend: “Interesting…what’s that?”

Me: “Well, I guess I try and rank websites higher on Google’s search results”

shocked Excited Friend: “Oh, You work for Google!”

Me: “No not exactly.”

disappointed Me: “I work for clients who want to get more traffic to their sites and I help them do that”‘

Douchey Friend: “Really…”

skeptical Skeptical Friend: “…and how do you do that?”

Me: “I research keywords…”


…write content…”

yes go on

“…guest post…”


“…build links…”


“…create graphics…”

kanye wtf

…and do social media.” over my head Me: “Ugh…I make websites number one the search results” oh my god Intrigued Friend: “Go on…”


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Matthew Powers works as an in-house Internet Marketer with Blue Soda Promo. He measures out well at 6'8" 250lbs for the NBA, but his skin color and lack of athleticism has never held him back from lying about his career at the bar

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  1. Jon Armstrong says

    Haha! Nice post Matt. I feel the same way when talking with SEO clients. I explain how I am going to go about getting them to rank higher and they are left speechless. Then they say “whatever I guess we’ll see if it works” :)

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