What I’m Thankful for This Year in SEO

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Yes, this is one of those corny holiday related themed posts.  However, I am not writing this with any SEO ill will, trying to take advantage of any extra traffic.  But for the first time in my professional career, I truly feel the need to give back — in the form of links :) — and give thanks to all who have helped me throughout 2012 and put me on the right track to success as an SEO.

So in 2012, I’m thankful for…

Blue Soda Promo

While my internship started late last year, Blue Soda Promo was the first company to give me a shot.  After spending close to two years taking care of my ailing father and grandmother after graduation, they were the only ones that looked passed the employment gap and little to no experience on my resume and instead thought that my family loyalty and values were more important.

My first year at Blue Soda Promo has been a great experience, not only from from a company perceptive (I have great co-workers and superiors, even made a couple good friends along the way), but learning experience as well.  If we didn’t have such a strong SEO community, willing to share their secrets, motivate us and encourage others to succeed as well, I wouldn’t be in the position I am today.

These Learning Tools

I’m sorry that I cant think of every post or tool that has been essential to me over the last year, but these are ones I continually look back to.  I cant thank everyone enough for providing such great content.  They are the real definition of #RCS and should be incredibly proud to have your name stamped on these projects.

The Panda/Penguin Updates

Yes, I’m actually thankful for these algorithm changes.  Even though I wasn’t really around before, Panda and Penguin forced me to respect the white hat SEO way of thinking from the beginning.  While I admit I experimented with the dark side for a short time (curiosity got the best of me), most of my efforts over the last couple of months have been with cleaning up on link profile and eliminating any element that could be considered spam on-page or off.

I’ve been on the slow track to convincing the higher powers to recognize the benefits of quality over quantity and the reason I’m happy to see 2012 end and 2013 begin with a whole new site redesign, new product descriptions, better categorization, new content and an improved check-out process.


This site is a saving grace for all inbound marketers.  A simple solution to finding some of the best SEO tips, tricks and news.  A new way to get yourself noticed and one more way to build relationships.  A special thanks has to go to Ed Fry and his team for continuing to improve the design, user experience and overall community in such a short period of time.

The Twitter Community

I think the easiest way to summarize my experience with Twitter this year, would be Thank God!  As in thank God you guys aren’t aren’t a bunch of big assholes.  Honestly, it was a fear of mine.  Not sure why, but I was expecting to be ignored, told to GTFO, or just an overall unwillingness to help.  And its been nothing like that.  While I’m not extremely active on Twitter (not sure how some of you actually get anything done), my questions have been answered, comments have been liked and I’ve even tried to put myself out there a few times offering to help in any way I can.

So here’s to you guys, especially @MichaelKovis and @HathawayP

Keeping Things Light and Entertaining Me

Reading post after post of new material can get to be a bit overwhelming at times.  The information overload can really being to mess with you.  I definitely appreciate all the new insights that are published daily, but its always a nice change of pace when you read a piece of humor/satire that brings you back down to reality.

Videos like this and posts that take the edge off duing the day help me refocus on whats truly important and allow me to have a drink a night instead of checking my email.  So thank you to Saloon of Literaturehttp://01100111011001010110010101101011.co.uk/ and SEO Cock Stars to name a few.

Sharing My Stuff

For all who have come to the blog, read my stuff and/or thought it was worthy enough to share it with the world, thank you.  I only started this blog a few months ago now and I know not every post is going to be gold, but these are my honest opinions, thoughts and experiences so far.  It is going to take some time for me to establish a voice that I feel comfortable writing in, a willingness to publish things I may get bashed for, and build an overall audience, so Im grateful that you continue to come back to watch grow as an SEO and a writer.

My most successful post 5 Examples of Linkbait and Why They Worked has been shared over 50 times and viewed by close to 600 people.  While that may not seem like a lot to some, I feel honored and it pushes me to continue.

…and one last thanks

to everyone who helped me with the Are You Smarter Than the Industry’s Best Game.  Even though it didn’t receive an enormous amount of traffic, I’m still proud of it and would like to do another edition or two to see if I can improve on it at all.  So here’s to you John Doherty, Paddy Moogan, Neil Patel, Jonathon Colman, Jon Cooper, Mike Essex, Ian Lurie and James Agate.

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  • Hey Matthew thanks for the name checks, mentions and links! Glad to be of assistance – as someone who was in a similar position to you around 18 months ago I can totally empathise. It is testament to this industry that so many people say this sort of thing, and it is fantastic to be part of a community that is so willing to share and help one another.

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